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Run From Death

This is a game I made based off of an old project I made with a friend. I have learned a lot since then. This is the first good game I have published to a community. Hopefully you like it.

I am not finished with this game and it will continue to get updates. However I am now also working on another game, the prequel to this one, so get ready for that, well okay it wont be ready for a while, but look forward to it!


  1. White Circle: Controller 1, or WASD.
  2. Red Square: Controller 2, or TFGH.
  3. Green Square: Controller 3, or IJKL.
  4. Blue Square: Controller 4, or Arrow Keys.


White Circle: Catch the other players before the time runs out.

Colored Squares: Run from the white circle until the time runs out.

Odd Colored Round Circles:

Running over (grabbing) these will make you mostly invisible for about 15 seconds. Just enough to sneak past the white circle in a sticky situation.


Spencer Huntsman -- Main development

Jimmy LeBaron -- Assisting development, Controller addition support

Pixabay -- Used a background from them, did edit it.

Bugs & Glitches:

If you find a bug or glitch report it in the bugs thread at the bottom. Thanks for helping out!

Mac version comming as soon as I can get my hands on one!


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Run From Death - Windows 11 MB
Run From Death - Linux 10 MB

Development log


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by kernal.bin · 1 post
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